Vocational Education

College is great, but it's not for everyone. While many jobs require a college degree these days, the trades are still a more than viable career choice. Learn what vocational training is required to get a job that pays well, but doesn't necessarily require a college degree.

Vocational Education Advice

  • Dream Job: Rodeo Clown

    Rodeo clowns - who prefer to be called bullfighters - apprentice at local, small rodeos and at youth rodeo events. They may attend clown training schools, which hold training camps across the southwest and in Colorado, Montana, and Kansas - … Read more...

  • Dream Job: Scuba Diver

    The options for being a full-time diver are limited for those who don't work as an upper-level instructor, on a cruise boat, or in the Caribbean. In those scenarios, the job isn't seasonal, and the money is decent. Frei works part-time as … Read more...