How Introverts Can Get Noticed and Get Ahead at Work

by Staff - Original publish date: October 23, 2015

Are you uncomfortable in group settings? Do you abhor public speaking? Do you have better ideas than the loudmouths in your office, yet you watch helplessly as they get promoted while you're barely noticed working silently in your cubicle?

If so, you're likely an introvert who is going to need some help from this week's guest, Nancy Ancowitz, author of "Self-Promotion for Introverts: The Quiet Guide to Getting Ahead."

Whether you're introverted or extroverted, promoting yourself is mandatory, not optional, if you want to get ahead at work, Nancy tells Aaron and Wendy on this week's Salary Talk. But for the painfully shy and intrinsically introverted, self-promotion often seems too much like bragging, and is therefore avoided. But while introverts are working hard and waiting to be noticed, extroverts are making themselves known and becoming power players.

This podcast is full of useful tips from Nancy, an admitted introvert, who says you don't have to be someone you're not to make the changes essential for continued success. Which is why even an introvert like herself found the courage to approach celebrities such as Earvin "Magic" Johnson and even former United States President Bill Clinton!

Find out how even the most withdrawn wallflower in the office can become a self-promoter while still remaining completing authentic. It's all in this week's podcast.

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