How much should I make as a journalist in Wheeling, W. Va.?

by Staff - Original publish date: December 6, 2011

Q. Where did you get the salary figures for news reporters in Wheeling, W.Va.? When I worked at a nearby television station, a starting reporter could expect to make much less than the Salary Wizard says. Even our senior people don't make as much as you say a reporter would make. And our competitors in a nearby town didn't pay as well as we did. I'd love to know who your sources were.

A. It is quite possible that the data in the Salary Wizard does not reflect your experience in Wheeling, W. Va. However, the Salary Wizard is based on published private and public survey data from a wide range of companies. It may be that your company, or even companies in your area, feel they can pay below market levels.

A second consideration is that the data in the Salary Wizard represents national averages to which a geographic adjustment has been applied. The Personal Salary Report, on the other hand, reports data by industry, geography, and company size. So the data for Wheeling more truly represents employers in Wheeling.

Also, keep in mind that the job of reporter in the Salary Wizard is based on someone with at least two years of experience.

Good luck.