The 8 Hottest Jobs of 2014

by Staff - Original publish date: December 11, 2013

Which Jobs Are on the Rise?

As the last chapter of 2013 is written, we once again turn our sights on what’s to come in the new year. And as it turns out, 2014 has a lot to offer in the way of new job growth.

We looked into our own crystal ball and then referenced sources like the US Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine which fields are slated to enjoy the most growth over the next few years. So if you’re currently unemployed and searching for a job, or if you’re unsatisfied and hoping to change careers, the first thing you need to do is see if your job is on this list.

8. School Psychologist

Job: School Psychologist
Median annual salary: $61,141

Growth rate: 16% in the Life, Physical, and Social Science occupations

More than 56,000 jobs will be created this decade in the social science and related occupations, sparked by pronounced growth in clinical, counseling, and school psychologist openings, according to the BLS.

Most school psychologist positions require a minimum of a master’s degree, but many also hold a doctorate or specialist degree as well. School psychologists offer counseling and psychological services to students, while also providing training to teachers. Psychologists work with students in both individual and group settings.

7. Operations Research Analyst

Job: Operations Research Analyst
Median annual salary: $48,233

Growth rate: 17% in the mathematics occupation

We’ve all heard about the emergence of “big data,” but operations research analysts are the ones who will interpret it and make use of it.

This fast-growing position is an important one, especially as better technology requires competent analysts to help them squeeze the most important information out of tons of data, in order to help executives make better business decisions. The analysts are essential for collecting the best data and using it to make recommendations to identify problem areas and develop solutions.

6. Accounts & Auditors

Job: Accountants and Auditors
Median annual accountant salary: $55,608
Median annual auditor salary: $62,077
Growth rate: 17% in the business & financial occupations

The great economic collapse of 2008 hit the business and financial industries pretty hard. And it turns out if you’re someone looking for a job in this rebounding industry, there’s a silver lining of that debacle.

When it was discovered loose standards contributed to the latest recession, new restrictions went into place as a response. That’s part of the reason why accountants and auditors will be more important than ever before. Companies are finding it is essential to have these knowledgeable people in place to make sure businesses are providing the necessary level of accountability and oversight in the post-recession business world.

5. Carpenters & Electricians

Job: Carpenters and Electricians
Median annual carpenter salary: $38,914
Median annual electrician salary: $43,040
Growth rate: 22% in the construction/extraction industry

This is another industry that is emerging from the ashes of the latest recession.

As the real estate market recovers that means more people are buying homes. For carpenters and electricians, that means more work as people either build new homes or remodel and renovate older homes. Also, as our nation struggles to update its antiquated and often crumbling infrastructure, these skilled labor positions will once again be in high demand.

4. Software Developer

Job: Software developer
Median annual salary: $76,494

Growth rate: 24% in the computer/IT industry

Businesses, government agencies, and other companies need to adopt and utilize the latest technologies, and that’s where software developers enter into the equation.

Ever wonder how the software systems of major businesses are created and maintained? Well, the software developers are the brains behind all the design, installation, and testing. But whether they’re creating new programs or modifying existing software to incorporate it into the system, software developers are a vital part of making business more efficient.

3. Mental health technician

Job: Mental health technician
Median annual salary: $31,456

Growth rate: 24% in the community & social services industry

With increased access to health care for all Americans, more providers will be needed to cover patients. And a large part of that will be for mental health treatment.

While these workers aren’t responsible for treating patients directly, they will be needed to establish a therapeutic relationship with patients, and help them with daily living. Doctors rely on these workers to take vital signs, collect specimens, etc., and more technicians will be needed as demand rises.

2. Daycare center teacher

Job: Day care center teacher
Median annual salary: $27,462

Growth rate: 27% in the personal care & service industry

This industry contains a wide variety of jobs, but according to the BLS the bulk of job growth in this category will consist of childcare workers.

As the population continues to boom, education is paramount to parents. And now more than ever, there’s a profound emphasis on early childhood education. Parents are investing more in formal preschool programs and many daycares are attracting new business by aligning themselves with state education curriculum. Qualified new childcare workers will be needed as demand for quality early education increases.

1. Registered nurse

Job: Registered nurse
Median annual salary: $67,780
Growth rate: 29% in the healthcare industry

It should come as no surprise that the top job slated to experience the most growth is nursing.

Baby Boomers are aging quickly and the only thing more prolific than their previous enhancements to the economy will be the impact they have as they collectively age and require more care than ever. The aging of the Boomers combined with technological developments allowing for the treatment of more medical conditions, means jobs like nursing and home health care aides will experience a boom of their own.

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