7 Common Sense Job Search Tips That Get Overlooked

If Your Job Search Has Stalled, It's Time to Get Back to Basics

Don't Forget the Basics

For years I have taught innovative job search tactics. I figure as long as you do not lie or misrepresent, anything goes in job search. As a former sales guy I learned to be very crafty and successful with my get-past-the-gatekeeper/get-to-the-buyer techniques.

There really are no rules when it comes to job search. I promote my one-page, short-form resume in order to "game" resume filtering software. Other than that I propose being as creative as possible in order to break through to the other side. Seeking a graphic artist position? Blow 'em away with your graphic resume -- assuming you can get it in their hands. Thinking about placing your resume in place of a label on a bottle of wine? It’s been done. Delivered successfully by courier. If you have the moxie, go for it! There are no rules to job search as long as you know and understand your target company’s culture. 

There are, however, basic protocols to job search that can’t be denied regardless of the type of enterprise. And unfortunately, many people worry so much about the minute details of getting a job they forget what should be common sense.