How Much Are Dads Worth in 2012?

Our Annual Survey Shows How Much Dads Would Be Paid for All Their Fatherly Duties

Welcome to Our Annual Father's Day Survey

Much is made of Mother's Day because it has become a full-blown Hallmark holiday over the years. But once all the hype and hoopla is over, there's this vague feeling that you're leaving something out. That something is dads -- and hasn't forgotten.

Our annual Father's Day Survey is back this year as we celebrate dads and all the work they do for their families. Every year surveys thousands of dads to find out how much time they spend on household and childcare duties. Then, using our extensive salary data containing information on more than 4,100 different jobs, we determine what the "Top 10 Dad Jobs" are, apply our salary information to them, and come up with a "Dad Salary" that shows what stay-at-home and working dads would earn if they were actually paid for their fatherly duties.

This year's results were interesting on a number of levels.

Use our Dad Salary Wizard to customize your dad's salary & print out a check.