How Much Money Should Moms Be Paid?

For the 13th Year, Reveals Its Annual "Mom Salary"

How Much Are Moms Worth in 2013?

Moms. We literally wouldn't be here without them. And whether they stay-at-home or work full- or part-time, how can you ever put a price on all they do? All the homemade meals, the nighttime lullabies, the nursed boo-boos, and the fact that when she's driving and slams on the brakes she thinks she has Hulk strength in that right arm she sticks out to protect whoever is riding shotgun? Who could ever even attempt to categorize moms and all that they do in a financial sense?

Hey, we're OK? That's what we do.

Obviously this is all in good fun and in no way 100% scientific, but for the 13th consecutive year we're doing our small part to show everyone how important mothers are by calculating what they would be paid if they actually received a salary for all of their hard work.