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POSTED ON 6/25/2020 CLOSED ON 8/9/2020
Applebee's Hired Organization Address Maysville, KY Full Time

Job Posting for Assistant Manager at Applebee's

Number of Hours Per Week: 50 plus hour work week, typically 10 hour shifts; must be able to work shift, any day of the week, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday; two (2) days off per week with no guarantee that they will be consecutive. Hours of work, shifts and days worked per week may change periodically due to operational needs.
Qualification Standard:
Prior management experience in a similar organization. Minimum of two (2) years restaurant management or related experience with an emphasis on building sales, managing inventory, customer relations and personnel management. High school diploma or GED is required. College degree in related fields may be considered in lieu of required experience. Certification and completion of Applebee’s Management Training Program(s) and the established Applebee’s Manager-in-Training (MIT) program is required. Must be able to display ongoing proficiency in the use of all restaurant equipment, as well as be able to handle all business/administrative, management, technical and training aspects of both the Front of House and the Back of House.
Essential Functions and Duties:
**Essential functions are the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation.
1. Manages Restaurant Environment
a. Ensures prompt, friendly service according to company guidelines.
b. Directs overall activities and performance of associates.
c. Ensures the immediate response and correction of all verbal guest complaints to self and staff; informs GM of all verbal and written complaints.
d. Ensures guest contact and satisfaction through 100% table visits.
e. Is responsible for the Responsible Service of Alcohol through associate training, communication and guest interaction.
f. Maintains adequate departmental inventory levels.
g. Ensures product preparation and presentation uncompromisingly meeting company standards.
h. Effectively schedules associates to meet sales demands.
i. Maintains effective safety and security programs according to company policy and government standards.
j. Corrects unsafe practices or conditions.
k. Promotes and manages restaurant organization, cleanliness and sanitation.
l. Performs routine maintenance and immediately informs GM of needed repairs.
m. Advises GM of any non-routine situation.
n. Communicates with other managers daily through management log and shift change meetings.
2. Manages Associate Performance
a. Promotes quality recruitment and referrals of potential management candidates.
b. Promotes Applebee’s training procedures of new managers.
c. Helps maintain a trained staff through effective use of employment orientation, individual training sessions, associate meetings and implementation of company policy.
d. Determines job assignments on a shift-by-shift basis.
e. Develops an environment of constant development of associates, including informal shift reviews and participates in the development of written evaluations every six months.
f. Assesses the effectiveness of associates, provides candid, fair feedback on a regular basis, and continuously works with associates on their areas of development.
g. Conducts thorough Applebee’s approved interviews and makes hiring decisions related to hourly employees.
h. Determines rate of pay for hourly employees.
i. Ensures an immediate response to all employee complaints and takes steps to address them; informs GM of all complaints and People Resources, when appropriate.
j. Demonstrates proper execution of training systems as outlined by the company while emphasizing the importance of training to associates.
k. Monitors acceptable associate performance and documents situations that require or could lead to disciplinary or corrective action, including termination of employment. Monitors progressive discipline when appropriate.
l. Makes recommendations regarding the promotion of hourly employees.
m. Assures compliance with company policies, practices and procedures.
3. Maintain Controls.
a. Responsible for a designated department of the restaurant.
b. Responsible to control cost in assigned department.
c. Determines materials and inventory to be purchased for assigned department.
d. Maintains and controls the assets of the company.
e. Assures compliance with local, state and federal laws, regulations and guidelines.
f. Reports progress towards achieving restaurant performance objectives at management meetings.
g. Complies with all cash handling procedures.
h. Executes weekly food and liquor inventories/costs at the GM’s request and is accountable for completion.
i. Responsible for preparing and submitting accurate daily paperwork to the GM.
4. Development
a. Demonstrates organizational skills.
b. Completes all assignments and duties properly and on schedule.
c. Develops goals and action plans for personal/professional growth.
d. Serves as a role model for managers and associates.
e. Develops self on all store related technology
5. All other job duties assigned by the General Manager or a superior member of management in order to ensure the effective and orderly operations of the restaurant.
Behavioral Performance Expectations:
Each employee of Applebee’s is expected to adhere to the highest degree of professional behavior and ethical standards. This pertains to both management and non-management staff. Thus, it is very important to keep in mind that everyone within this Organization will be evaluated, not only on their “Essential Job Functions”, but will also be evaluated, with equal weight on the following:
Assistant Manager- Role Description
Assistant Manager- Role Description 10/8/18 © RMH Franchise, All Rights Reserved 3
1. The degree of professionalism to which this individual represents the organization in and outside of the office to co-workers, business partners, vendors and guests. Professionalism is demonstrated by appearance, language and conduct.
2. The degree to which the employee demonstrates supportiveness, cooperation and respect to fellow employees, both peers and supervisory staff members, as well as the degree to which the employee has earned the respect of others.
3. The degree to which the employee recognizes their responsibility to maintain confidentiality with reference to any proprietary, confidential, or personal information that might be deemed inappropriate to share with others. This includes both coworkers and non-coworkers.
Applebee’s Service Promise Expectations:
• Make Friendly, Personal Connections
• Keep it Clean and Comfortable
• Set the Pace and be Attentive
• Make it Right, Serve it Fast
• Find it, Fix it


Reliable Transportation Required

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Income Estimation: 
$77,800 - $103,110
Income Estimation: 
$56,803 - $78,820
Income Estimation: 
$96,571 - $147,523
Income Estimation: 
$62,010 - $119,127

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