Internal Audit Director

POSTED ON 8/3/2020 CLOSED ON 8/28/2020
City of Lubbock Hired Organization Address Lubbock, TX Full Time

Job Posting for Internal Audit Director at City of Lubbock

Plans, organizes, and manages the City's internal audit function, including 
supervision and coordination of staff conducting financial, contractual, and environmental audit activities.  Prepares and presents findings and recommendations to City Audit Committee, City Manager, City Council, and City Boards and Commissions.  Performs job duties in a way that promotes a positive image of the department and the entire City organization.  Demonstrates effective interpersonal skills and delivers exemplary customer service.  Experienced and proficient in evaluating and effectively reporting on audits, reviews, investigations, and assessments of the following areas in accordance with professional standards:
  • Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information,
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations,
  • Safeguarding of assets,
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts,
  • Compliance with regard to environmental matters.
  • Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing complex financial, environmental, and contract compliance or control issues to City
    Audit Committee, City Manager, City Council, etc.;
  • Demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills, leadership, accountability,
    trustworthiness, and integrity;
  • Demonstrate ability to maintain confidentiality to the highest degree;
  • Plan, organize, and direct the City's internal audit functions, including
    coordinating the work of staff members conducting multiple projects    
  • Confer with City Audit Committee and City Management as part of a formal
    risk assessment process to determine significant exposures;
  • Based on risk assessment process, prepare annual audit plan for approval
    by City Audit Committee and City Management;          
  • Prepare annual report for the internal audit function for submission to City Audit Committee and City Management;                               
  • Plan, organize, direct, and conduct special audits, investigations, or studies
    as directed by City Audit Committee or City Management;
  • Provide oversight of City departments for compliance with applicable state
    and federal environmental laws and regulations;
  • Provide oversight of City departments for compliance with applicable state
    and federal financial laws and regulations;
  • Provide oversight of the contract management process to ensure
    compliance with applicable contractual requirements;
  • Advise City Management, task forces, departments, or other groups
    regarding internal control systems;
  • Evaluate and verify the adequacy of the City's accounting, financial
    reporting, management, and internal control systems by conducting financial
    and performance audits;
  • Recommend courses of action to remedy deficiencies or improve reporting,
    management, or control systems pertaining to contracts for the City of
  • Recommend courses of action to comply with all applicable local, state,
    and federal regulations and laws pertaining to environmental matters;
  • Prepare and present written audit, review, or investigative reports
    containing results and recommendations;
  • Select, train, and supervise personnel directly or through subordinate 
    supervisors.  Establish and communicate performance standards and regularly  evaluate the performance of staff relative to the established standards. Establish work priorities, goals, objectives, and schedules for the areas of environmental auditing, financial auditing, contract management and compliance, and other identified projects;                     
  • Provide support for continuing professional development of staff, 
    including attendance at conferences or seminars and/or involvement with  
    in-house training programs in order to supplement existing skills and knowledge and keep staff informed about improvements and current developments in internal auditing standards, procedures, and techniques; 
  • Develop and administer public relations effort to inform citizens and 
    internal staff of services provided and promote effective citizen and staff 
  • Perform other duties as directed.
Completion of a bachelor's degree in accounting, business administration, finance, management or related field with an additional seven to ten years of senior financial management experience gained in a large, complex governmental, non-profit, special district or utility organization; or similar private sector experience when accompanied by extensive  knowledge of public financial management practices and requirements; or any combination of relevant education and experience which provides the following:

Certified In Accounting
Certified Public Accountant
Valid Current Driver's License
Preferred Qualifications
  • Prefer possession of a valid Certified Public Accountant's (CPA) license/    certificate; a Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) designation issued by the  
    Institute of Internal Auditors; or Certified Information Systems Auditor from
    the Information Systems Audit and Control Association;
  • Prefer master's degree. 

Knowledge of:

  • Principles, practices, and standards of internal auditing;
  • Principles and practices of financial auditing and accounting;
  • Laws and regulations applicable to City operations;
  • Principles and practices of effective management and supervision.
Ability to:
  • Prepare comprehensive financial analyses, environmental and contract 
    compliance audit reports and recommendations;            
  • Prepare and deliver effective communications and presentations about 
    audit objectives, audit processes, findings, and recommendations;  
  •  Develop and maintain effective working relationships with City Council,
    City Management, other officials, and the public.
Physical Requirements:
  • Frequently lift up to 10 pounds and occasionally lift up to 25 pounds;
  • Frequently carry up to 10 pounds and occasionally carry up to 25 pounds;
  • Place arms above, at, or below shoulder height.

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