(20-21) CL0467 AQUATICS SPECIALIST - REPOST (#(20-21) CL0467 - REPOST)

POSTED ON 11/19/2022 AVAILABLE BEFORE 5/18/2023
MAINT & OPERATIONS Hired Organization Address Hemet, CA Full Time

Job Posting for (20-21) CL0467 AQUATICS SPECIALIST - REPOST (#(20-21) CL0467 - REPOST) at MAINT & OPERATIONS

The following document(s) MUST be attached to your application by the application deadline:

(A) Updated Resume

(B) Two (2) Letters of Recommendation


PLEASE NOTE: ***Failure to attach ALL required documents will cause you to be screened out. Documents received in person, via email or fax, and/or after the deadline will NOT be considered.


PLEASE NOTE: Recommended applicants will be required to provide the following:

  • A valid Class "C" California Driver's License and maintain possession of such license during the course of employment
  • Current First Aid and CPR certificate
  • Certified Pool Operator




Under general supervision of the Director of Maintenance and Operations performs a variety of maintenance and logistics in the leadership over, operation and maintenance of the District’s pools.



  • Coordinates with coaches, staff and the community regarding all special aquatic events. Sets up calendars that specify the nature of event or activity and type of support needed.
  • Performs routine maintenance of filters, pumps, heaters, and other mechanical equipment related to operation of District swimming pools according to established schedules. Controls operation of circulating pumps. Backwashes filters.
  • Makes routine plumbing, fixture, and electrical repairs, referring major system needs to others. Cleans and repairs drains.
  • Maintains and makes repairs to equipment used in the course of work. Sets up, maintains, repairs, and operates electronic scoring and timing devices. Operates manual scoreboard.
  • Trains Swimming Pool Operators in areas such as, but not limited to, water testing and chemistry, safety, and cleanliness. Inspects and provides assistance for maintaining all District pools. Conducts training that leads to Workers earning certifications.
  • Tests swimming pool water on a regular schedule for chlorine and pH count. Adds chemicals or adjusts chlorine supply to bring water to predetermined standards of purity and alkalinity. Disconnects empty chlorine cylinders and connects full cylinders.
  • Oversees and ensures that District pools are brushed and vacuumed keeping debris, bacterial growth, and marks off of floor and walls. .
  • Oversees and ensures cleanliness of pool areas including pool decks, diving tower, chlorine and mechanical room, storage room and surrounding areas. Oversees removal of paper and other refuse on grounds and that walks, entrances and pool area are swept. Oversees and ensures that waste containers are emptied and cleaned and that drinking fountains in pool area are in a sanitary condition.
  • Oversees and maintains daily pool records as required for Health Department. Reports safety and fire hazards.
  • Coordinates and ensures preparation for special aquatic events including raising and lowering water level, raising diving boards, stringing lane-lines and installing other special equipment. Oversees and provides assistance and advice for special aquatic events.
  • Ensures that the pool environs are safe for general use. If situations arise that may impair events and activities or otherwise pose safety risks, notifies others and suggests alternatives or recommends cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Initiates requisitions for supplies, tools, and other materials needed to maintain the pools.
  • Ensures the security of the pool environment by checking and locking doors, windows and gates.
  • Provides input to budget planning by analyzing schedules and events for upcoming years, proposing equipment refurbishing, replacement or upgrade, and estimating supply needs based on historic trends.
  • Develops and updates on a regular basis a handbook of operational procedures for each of the District pools.
  • Coordinates all pool use, by in-District users and outside agencies with site administration and District office to ensure all requirements, necessary forms and scheduling needs are met.
  • Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


  • Requires a thorough knowledge of the theory, practices and principles associated with maintenance, operating and upkeep of swimming pools and pool complexes.
  • Requires a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of swimming pool water chemistry and testing.
  • Requires a thorough understanding of pool cleaning techniques including disinfecting and algae control and removal.
  • Requires basic understanding of facility maintenance, common electrical and plumbing repair techniques, and safety precautions.
  • Requires working knowledge of Federal, State and local laws, codes and regulations regarding to pool maintenance, operation, and safety.
  • Must be skilled in operation of SCUBA diving equipment.
  • Requires sufficient math skills to compute portions and weights.
  • Requires sufficient human relation skills to train swimming pool operators, exercise patience in working with customers, and portray a positive image of the District.


  • To perform all of the essential duties of the position.
  • Must be able to interpret and explain District swimming pool policies and procedures, rules and regulations to other pool maintenance staff and users.
  • Must be able to perform duties with a focus on safety.
  • Requires the ability to perform leadership and direction to staff.
  • Requires the ability to plan and prioritize work in order to meet demanding schedules for use of facilities.
  • Must be able to keep complex technical reports and records to a standard acceptable to regulatory agencies.
  • Requires walking, standing, bending and stooping, lifting and pulling.
  • Requires visual acuity including depth perception.

High School diploma or general education degree (GED) plus specialized training in pool maintenance.


Five (5) years increasingly responsible experience in swimming pool maintenance, operations, scheduling, and training and/or leadership over others.


Valid California driver’s license
Current First Aid and CPR certificate
Certified Pool Operator
Must be insurable at standard rates by District’s insurance carrier and maintain such insurability during the course of employment

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