Soil Conservation Technician

POSTED ON 8/12/2021 AVAILABLE BEFORE 10/28/2021
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Soil Conservation Technician
Wage/Hr:$14.16Hours/Week:20Minimum Age:55

Minimum of 10 year(s) of experience in Basic Survey and Design, Conservation planning. OR AA Degree in Successful completion of 1 year of study including at least 6 semester hours in courses such as range management or conservation, agriculture, forestry, wildlife management, engineering, biology, mathematics or other natural or physical sciences.

  • Valid State Driver?s license
  • Experience required with Windows, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access
  • Arc-GiS, CAD Conservation Desktop, Conservation Assessment Tool (CART)

Provide technical support to USDA NRCS field office with the planning, design, and implementation of conservation practices.

  • Data Collection and Practice Design: Using general knowledge of local farming operations, gathers and compiles planning data on primary rural sites, including physical features such as soil limitations, erosion, surface drainage, and sedimentation. Recommends to land users a range of solutions or alternatives to solve a resource problem, within scope of engineering job approval authority. Assists NRCS staff with data collection as requested. Can identify local grasses, seeds, trees and shrubs to assist with identifying agronomic resource concerns and identification of problem species as well as alternative managements for improvements of appropriate species. Assists the NRCS Staff in resource planning by laying out land boundaries on aerial photos, determines acreage and develops plan maps using manual and computer-based tools including use of CD/ArcMap, and Lidar layers. Performs simple conservation planning for basic resource protection for conservation compliance plans. Computes and plots engineering notes, prepares field sketches and drawings, and utilizes standard engineering design software for basic conservation practices. Selects standard designs, modifying or adjusting them to site conditions within the limits of the incumbent's engineering practice review and approval limits in accordance with Part 501, National Engineering Manual. Also, will need to have basic knowledge of GPS survey equipment and use as needed to facilitate survey, layout and design of conservation practice. Checks feasibility and makes engineering surveys gathering design data for structures requiring engineering application. Records field notes and prepares designs based on standard designs. Lays out construction ground controls by location cut and fill stakes, running level lines and other control lines, using rod, level or other survey equipment. Prepares basic natural resources conservation plans where soil survey information is available and precedent planning information is applicable to physical conditions such as topography and specific type of land unit.    50%
  • Technical Application: Schedules own time for on-site assistance required in the application of practices. Provides periodic follow-up and inspection with landowners to check progress of conservation practices that are under construction. Identifies need for adjustments to practice designs under construction and seeks assistance from individuals with adequate engineering job approval authority when necessary. Checks completed practices to determine that specifications are met. Completes field sheets and provides final certification within limits of engineering job approval authority. Advises landowner/operator to complete proper maintenance. Establishes and/or carries out a follow-up schedule to check progress made in carrying out conservation plans. Suggests best methods and time for installing additional practices, recognizes when revisions in plans are needed, and obtains data which expedites revision of plans. Performs duties in a manner supportive of a safe and healthy work environment, and exercises safety precautions when exposed to dangerous objects, chemicals, extreme temperatures, etc.   40%
  • Marketing and Training: Provides information to farmers, ranchers, and other rural residents on the kinds of assistance available from NRCS and other agencies, including nature of programs and how and where to apply for assistance. Assists with public information activities, providing NRCS guidance and policy for the application of practices. As appropriate, conducts practice demonstrations and discusses conservation practices on tours. Presents material on practice application and specifications at community or watershed meetings if requested.   10%

  • Annual information system security, anti-harassment, and civil rights training, UTV training.
  • Overnight travel: possibly 3-5 days a year. Overnight travel may be required for training purposes.
  • Health and Safety Considerations: Aglearn "NRCS Employee Safety Training" Course ID number NRCS-NEDC-000284
  • Required Safety Gear: hard-hat, safety goggles, gloves

NOWCC is committed to promoting equal opportunity and to an environment free from discrimination and harassment in any form administering Experienced Worker Programs under cooperative agreements with federal agencies. It is NOWCC?s policy to comply with all applicable laws that provide equal opportunity and to prohibit unlawful discrimination in enrolling participants in the federal programs.

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