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POSTED ON 11/24/2022 AVAILABLE BEFORE 5/23/2023

Job Posting for Freelance PR Consultant at Private Label Staff

About us:
Private Label Staff is an emerging industry leader providing Talent Acquisition as a Service. With a unique, subscription-based, and branded model, PLS can provide unmatched support on an ongoing or as-needed basis, alleviating your workload, managing budget, and still bringing the right people on board for your organization.

The PLS team is renowned for their ability to understand your brand and bring value to your workforce. In recognizing people as the most important asset of any company, PLS focuses on building dynamic, effective teams that cultivate growth and diversity from the ground up. With stronger teams and significant savings, organizations who work with PLS can better manage their hiring decisions and spend more strategically on building teams that thrive.

About our work family:
Internally, our consulting team is collaborative, fun, and energetic! Our commonality is the desire to build things – programs, careers, relationships. Working on the PLS team as a Freelance PR Consultant is an exciting experience where you get to engage with world-renowned clients.

We are experts at recruitment, sourcing, and streamlining process. Our teams enjoy working with the most difficult hiring managers, on the most niche requisitions, against the most aggressive targets, and do so with a smile because we enjoy a challenge.

We bring it all to the table every day – our relentless efforts, client-focused mentality and unique personalities that make us thrive in this industry. Does PLS sound like a fit for what you are looking for? Reach out to us today to learn more.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a Freelance PR Consultant to work with us on a regular basis to write and distribute press releases. We are looking for someone open to working on a project-to-project basis and that will really get to know us as a strategic partner. We already have a Marketing and Social Media Consultant so must be collaborative, creative, and fun!

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Hourly Wage Estimation for Freelance PR Consultant in New York, NY
$42.52 to $56.03

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