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Get the latest insight into compensation, talent management and competency management to ensure you're paying competitively, to better understand how to connect pay to performance, increase productivity and improve retention in today's talent market.

Maura Pallera, Global Research Analyst,

Increasingly, organizations look to raise the bar for performance, accelerate the development of leaders and ensure employees can implement new work processes and become drivers of continuous innovation and change.

Organizations need a way to clarify new standards and expectations, better align individual behavior and business strategies, and help employees take charge of their own development. The successful development and implementation of a Competency Management Program allows organizations to achieve these objectives.

Download this whitepaper to understand:
  • Role of competencies in a talent management initiative.
  • Four essential components to integrate a Competency Program.
  • Tips to ensure rapid deployment and faster returns on investment.

Download Competency Management for Employers