Most People Don't Negotiate Due to Fear & Lack of Skills

Women Are Less Likely To Negotiate Than Men

One of the most interesting aspects of our survey was the difference between women and men when it comes to negotiating salary.

While 46 percent of men claim they always negotiate salary following a job offer, only 30 percent of women report doing the same. According to statistics from, men are four times more likely to negotiate salary than women. And even when they do negotiate, they ask for less and subsequently receive 30 percent less than men.

Perhaps that's why 55 percent of women are always apprehensive regarding salary, while that number drops to 39 percent for men.

As to why they don't negotiate, men seem to have more fear than women. Thirty-six percent of men fear losing the job offer compared to 29 percent of women. However, 26 percent of women say they are not skilled enough to negotiate, which is higher than the 18 percent of men who say the same.