How to Negotiate a Raise When You Wear Many Hats

Tips for Getting a Raise When You Do More Than 1 Job

Form a Game Plan

The kind of hat you wear can speak volumes about you, and set you apart from the crowd. A trendy fedora might mean you’re a Brooklyn hipster or a big Don Draper fan. Perhaps you don the type of pork pie hat that Justin Timberlake often rocks. A knit skullcap might keep you warm in the winter, or send another message if you wear it year-round. And even the brim of a baseball cap is polarizing: flat as a board or curved like an upside-down U.

Sometimes however, wearing many hats in the workplace – figuratively, doing several different jobs – can make it a challenge to distinguish yourself.

On the other end of the spectrum, picture someone that specializes in doing accounting for startups. What is their profession? Accounting. Who do they work with? Startups.

If you’re at a dinner party and you meet someone that says, “I just launched a new startup, and we’re looking for an accountant, do you know anyone?” it’s pretty darn simple for you to say, “As a matter of fact I DO know an accountant that works specifically with startups.”

But what if things aren’t that simple?

  • Jane is a project manager working primarily in mobile, but in the past she’s done social media marketing at non-profits, organized fundraising efforts, and run live events.
  • John has worked in business development for 7 years, but also does public relations, speaks on technology trends, and hosts a podcast on the side.

Things get even trickier when you wear several hats and you’re trying to get a raise or negotiating a new job offer. While there are as many ways to approach this as there are hats, here are 2 techniques that I often recommend.