How a 2-Minute Salary Negotiation Can Impact You For Years

Why You Need to Focus on the Next 2 Years, Not the Next 2 Minutes

1. Deciding to Negotiate

There’s no doubt about it, negotiation is stressful. In fact, it combines many of the most common fears people have:

  • First, it’s a form of public speaking, which is the #1 fear that people report.
  • Next, it’s doing something you’ve most likely never done before. Who isn’t nervous when doing something for the first time?
  • It involves promoting yourself and your accomplishments, something many people aren’t comfortable with.
  • Lastly, it involves the topic of money, a subject that often has deep-rooted feelings in someone’s life.

Geesh, why not just hold the negotiation on the ledge of a tall building while perched on a ladder and have a large black cat walk by so we can combine all of our fears into one?