The Kenaitze Indian Tribe is federally recognized, under the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934 (IRA), as amended for Alaska in 1936, as a sovereign independent nation. Tribal members number over 1236, many live on the Kenai Peninsula and in Anchorage, others live throughout Alaska and as far away as the states of New York, Florida, Texas, and California. The Tribe's Executive Council, elected at the Tribe's annual meeting to serve staggered two year terms, governs the Tribe in accordance with the Tribe's Constitution, By-Laws, Ordinances, and Resolutions. The Executive Council appoints the Exe ... cutive Director to implement established Council policy and procedures through programs and services that enhance and support the continued growth and success of the Tribe. The Kenaitze are Dena'ina people. The Dena'ina are a branch of Athabascan Native Americans. Many centuries ago, Athabascan people, nomadic hunters of the boreal forest, traveled from west of the Alaska Range to the shores of Cook Inlet. Recognizing the abundance of the land they named Yaghanen, the good land, the Kenai Peninsula, they settled along the banks of its rivers and Cook Inlet. To ensure the continuance of abundant cyclic resources Our Dena'ina ancestors' complex belief system was based on reverence and respect for all life. A successful harvest and hunt depended not only on fishing and hunting skills but also on the will of the fish or animal to be harvested. Fish and animals (infinite in number) would return again and again if respect was shown. These beliefs were transmitted orally to each succeeding generation. Today, we Kenaitze honor these same values and share our ancestors' deep respect and caring for the land and its resources. The Tribe continually seeks to reaffirm and preserve our cultural traditions by promoting greater awareness of our history. Copyright © Kenaitze Indian Tribe More

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Behavioral Health Intake Specialist. Dept./Program: Behavioral Health. Division: Health Systems. Reports To: BH Support Services Supervisor. Employment Status: Full Time. FLSA Status: Non-Exempt. Schedule: 40 hours/week, Monday-Friday. Preference: TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Job Summary. The Behavioral Health Intake Specialist will serve as the primary person to provide un'ina intakes for the Behavioral Health clinicians, counselors and psychiatrists as well as the information contact for persons inquiring about Behavioral Health programs and services. The person filling this position... view job details

Title:. Billing Manager. Revision Date:          01/09/2020. Dept/. Program:      Billing                                                                                                       Employment Status:  Full-Time. Division:       Finance                                                                                                    FLSA Status:             Exempt. Reports to:   Finance Director                                                                                        Schedule:                 Exempt. Supervises:  Medical Coding and Billing Specialists,                 ... view job details

Job Title:. Daggeyi Program Assistant. Revision Date:. 06/14/2018. Dept./Program:. Education & Career Development. Employment Status:. Full-Time. Division:. Education and Training. FLSA Status:. Non-Exempt. Reports To:. Intern Supervisor. Schedule:. 40 hour/week. Supervises:. N/A. Preference:. Native preference under P.L. 93-638. Job Summary. The Daggeyi Program Assistant's primary responsibility is to assist the Intern Supervisor in the continued development and implementation of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe's Daggeyi Internship Program. This position works closely with the Intern Supervisor and... view job details

Education Programs Intern. Dept./Program: Language & Culture. Division: Education. Reports To: Dena'ina Academic Instructor. Supervises: N/A. Revision Date: 12/6/2019. Employment Status: Full Time. FLSA Status: Non-Exempt. Schedule: 20 plus hours per week. Preference: TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Job Summary:. Under the direction and guidance of the Education Division, the Education programs Intern provides support to participating Kenaitze Indian Tribe's Education Division and select partner organizations. Kenaitze Education Programs.  Internship placements offer a professional develo... view job details

Title:. Educational Technology Instructor. Revision Date:. 07/12/2019. Dept./Program. Division:. Training and Education. Employment Status:. Full-Time. Reports to:. Education and Training Director. Schedule:. 40 hours/52 weeks. Preference:. TERO Ordinance 2017-01. P.L. 93-638. Job Summary:. The Educational technology Specialist will design, develop, support and maintain learning systems, academic data bases, instructional technology, including software and hardware for all educational program participants and staff in the Education and Training Division.  The Education Technology Specialist wi... view job details

Healthy Choices Coordinator. Dept./Program: Yaghanen Youth Programs. Division: Education and Training. Reports To: Education and Training Director. Supervises: Healthy Choices Youth Advocate and Tutor/Liaison. Employment Status: Full Time. FLSA Status: Exempt. Schedule: 40+ hrs/week. Preference: TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Job Summary. Healthy Choices Coordinator will oversee and develop elementary age after-school and summer programming.  This person will expand Healthy Choices curriculum, instruction, and program evaluation to ensure developmentally and culturally appropriate suppor... view job details

ICWA Child Advocate. Dept./Program: Family Services. Division: Family & Social Services. Reports To: Family and Social Services Director. Supervises: N/A. Employment Status: Full Time. FLSA Status: Exempt. Schedule: 40 hours/week. Preference: TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Job Summary. The ICWA Child Advocate carries the designation as the ICWA Tribal Representative and is responsible for the effective and efficient administration of the Indian Child Welfare Act. This administration ultimately leads to the adequate protection of the Kenaitze Indian Tribe's at-risk children. The ICWA Chil... view job details

Laboratory & Imaging Assistant. Dept./Program: DWC Laboratory & Radiology. Division: Health Systems. Reports To: Laboratory & Imaging Supervisor. Employment Status: Full time. FLSA Status: Non-exempt. Schedule: 40 hours/week. Preference: TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Revision Date: 03/22/2018. Job Summary. Under general supervision of the Laboratory/Imaging Supervisor, the Laboratory & Imaging Assistant assumes the responsibility for procuring the appropriate specimen in a safe, accurate, and professional manner with the proper technique.  Oversees referred testing, including laboratory... view job details

Program Substitute. Revision Date:. 10/29/2021. Department:. Education. Employment Status:. On-Call. Program:. Education. FLSA Status:. Non Exempt. Reports To:. Education Director or Program Supervisor. Schedule:. On-Call. Supervises:. N/A. Preference:. TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Job Summary. To assist the Education Division in providing a positive learning experience for children (0 to 18 years) and families creating a successful environment that will promote the growth and development of children and families in the classroom/group setting, at reception or in the kitchen. Substitut... view job details

Traditional Healer. Dept./Program: DWC Wellness. Division: Health Systems. Reports To: Wellness Director. Revision Date: 11/06/2019. Employment Status: Full Time. FLSA Status: Exempt Professional. Schedule: 40 hours/week. Supervises:  Traditional Healing Apprentice. Preference:  TERO Ordinance 2017-01, P.L. 93-638. Job Summary. Responsible to assist in promoting holistic (mind, body and spirit) healing for Un'ina (customers) in individual or group settings. Through training (traditional and contemporary) and experience, develop and implement culturally relevant strategies appropriate to the pe... view job details