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D & D EMULSIONS INC is a chemicals company based out of P O BOX 1706, MANSFIELD, Ohio, United States. View company details

Kuprion'sΓäó revolutionary, ActiveCopper based technology is a highly electrically conductive material enabling a new generation of printable electronics and integrated circuit chips. Connections between chip-to-chip or chip-to-board are up to 10 times the electrical and thermal conductivity of existing materials - perfect for smaller and more powerful products from phones to electric cars. Our ActiveCopper technology is based on work that began ... View company details

BETA TECHNOLOGY, INC. is a company based out of P. O. BOX 218686, HOUSTON, Texas, United States. View company details

Dampney's Engineered Coatings Since 1917, Dampney Company, Inc. of Everett, Mass., has designed, developed, manufactured, and distributed engineered coating systems for specialized applications. Dampney serves the refining, petro chemical, chemical processing, oil & gas, pipeline, power, OEM, pulp & paper, and materials processing markets. View company details