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We’re looking for smart, ambitious, and talented people to join our Customer Experience team. As a Customer Experience Expert, you will be directly responsible for making customers feel great about trying and wearing Mack Weldon products. We believe going above and beyond creates positive lasting relationships; this is more than customer service. We rely on our Customer Experience Experts to reinforce our high standards, especially to customers who witness our mistakes. We believe each conversation with customers is a chance to impress and give them something to talk about. This role is non-ex... view job details

THE STORY. Like most guys, we just want getting dressed to be easy. But somewhere along the way things got complicated. Nothing seemed to fit quite right, the quality was lacking and shopping was a painful exercise of trial and error. There were somehow way too many options, or none. And whenever we did find something we liked, we knew it would be a little different the next time we looked. So we decided to fix that. We started with underwear and socks, things that could make you more comfortable every single day. Since then, we’ve gone on to reinvent other essentials that didn’t meet our stan... view job details