New York County Defender Services first opened our doors in 1997. Our original team of 13 attorneys banded together to provide people accused of crimes in Manhattan with the highest quality legal representation in the city. More than twenty years later, NYCDS is now one of the premier public defender offices in the nation. We have represented more than 300,000 clients in Manhattan Criminal and Supreme Courts and developed deep expertise in many criminal defense sub-specialties. Our team numbers more than 100 staff, including 70 attorneys. We pride ourselves on our commitment to training and co ... ntinuing education with a particular emphasis on building and developing trial skills. NYCDS clients benefit from a diverse defense team that includes experienced trial attorneys, social workers, highly skilled investigators, paralegals and support staff. Our staff includes corrections specialists and immigration, civil and policy attorneys to protect our clients' rights inside and out of the criminal court. We also have dedicated trial attorney specialists who represent our clients in New York County's three problem solving courts: mental health, veterans' treatment and integrated domestic violence. We are committed to ensuring that our clients and their defense attorneys have the tools and resources they need to obtain the best possible outcome in every criminal case. Liberty and justice demand no less. More

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Job Overview:. Corrections Specialists are jail and prison-specialized paralegals responsible for assisting all NYCDS attorneys and social workers in matters pertaining to client welfare and court/corrections communications and logistics. Corrections Specialists help to improve conditions of confinement for clients and limit pre-trial detention periods, as well as support sentenced clients in New York State custody.. Job Responsibilities. :. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:. Client interviews (via video conferences, and in person at correctional facilities). Communicating with... view job details

New York County Defender Services, a Public Defender office in Manhattan, seeks a highly competent individual to work within the. forensic social work. unit.  Qualified applicants must be able to conduct in-depth interviews and write biopsychosocial. evaluations and reports for attorneys, district attorneys and judges.   Ideal candidate must possess strong engagement, assessment and writing skills; the ability to encapsulate and transform client histories into persuasive and cogent arguments is essential.  Additionally, optimal candidate must possess the temperament to work. collaboratively on... view job details

New York County Defender Services is looking for an investigator. Investigators are responsible for. assisting all NYCDS attorneys in compiling a defense based upon information gathered through fieldwork. Using their investigatory skills to aid the superior legal representation of our clients and. assist in helping NYCDS meet all of its contractual obligations to The City of New York.. Job Responsibilities. :. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:. Assist defense attorneys in compiling a defense based upon information from defendant, defendant's family, friends, witnesses and even ... view job details