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Also referred to as: Application Programmer/Analyst V, Application Systems Analysis/Developer V, Applications Systems Programmer/Analyst - Expert Project Lead
Requirements and Responsibilities

Applications Systems Programmer V oversees the development and modification of an organization's applications systems including encoding, testing, debugging and documenting programs. Ensures that programs can be integrated in the applications systems. Being an Applications Systems Programmer V resolves complex problems and leads complex projects with existing applications systems. Leads the design and implementation of new applications systems. Additionally, Applications Systems Programmer V requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a manager or head of a unit/department. The Applications Systems Programmer V works on advanced, complex technical projects or business issues requiring state of the art technical or industry knowledge. Works autonomously. Goals are generally communicated in solution or project goal terms. May provide a leadership role for the work group through knowledge in the area of specialization. To be an Applications Systems Programmer V typically requires 10+ years of related experience.

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