Why Career Change Assessments are Important During Job Hunts?

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Many who are considering career change do so without preparation. Here are some career-transitioning reviews on why a career change assessment is essential.

Welding Instructor

Milford, CT

A Welding Instructor in Milford, CT discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

"Who am I?" is life's big question that is never easy to answer. You are aware of what society wants you to do or the people your families want you to be. But how well do you know yourself? If you are on a job hunt, going through this process is essential.

As a fellow job hunter, career change assessment is the key to job hunting. Because an assessment helps me learn about myself. It is a way to enhance self-understanding. Before I attempt to apply for any job, I should already know what I want to do or what I have to offer.

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11/15/2020 , Milford, CT

Crime Analyst

Schenectady, NY

A Crime Analyst in Schenectady, NY discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

As a recruiter, I've seen many people considering a career change have never taken time to evaluate skills and passion for finding the best job. Fresh graduates these days often venture into the working world, taking on role after role for years. They've never really done a career change assessment to find out what makes them happy.

Because of this, they will find themselves frustrated, miserable, and unhappy as time goes on. I have an advice for you: Whether you are just starting out or looking for a career transition, you must know who you are and map out a strategy that fits you. Do this by doing a career change assessment.

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11/9/2020 , Schenectady, NY

Sports Broadcaster

Ketchikan, AK

A Sports Broadcaster in Ketchikan, AK discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

By living a self-assessed life, you are giving yourself a fantastic gift. Getting to know yourself is a lifetime occupation. It can be a phase where you understand who you are, or it can be an ongoing quest to get a grip on who you are.

So, go get the career change assessment done right away! You'd be surprised to learn so much more about yourself that you never knew before!

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11/6/2020 , Ketchikan, AK


Surprise, AZ

A Distillery in Surprise, AZ discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

Before moving on to your next career, the first step is knowing the purpose, value, interests, and things you are good at. I believe a lack of self-knowledge leaves us open to accidents and mistaken ambitions. The important pieces of career change assessments are:

(i) Purpose

Understanding the purpose is one of the most important of all the career change assessments. Because it touches the core of who you are, why you work, and what you want to get out of work. They are your values, interests, strengths, motivations, aptitudes, personality, and work-life balance.

(ii) Knowledge

Career change assessment includes education, credentials, and things learned at work. Your knowledge is what you usually put in your resume. Where you have studied, and what do you have to offer your new employer.

(iii) Skills and Experiences

Skills and experiences are your natural strengths or gained through training and education. You can focus your self-assessment on hard skills, soft skills, and experiences. Different jobs need different abilities, which is why self-assessment for a career is needed beforehand.

(iv) Job preferences

Getting to know your job preferences will gain insights into your work environment. Where you want the job to be, the benefits of the job, whom you will work with, and the working environment.

(v) Differentiation

Differentiation helps you analyze your practices. It decides if and how much differentiation is currently taking place in your life. Knowing these differences by taking a career change assessment will land you the right job.

Okay, I hope these helped show you how critical a career change assessment is.

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10/28/2020 , Surprise, AZ

Magazine Editor

Warren, MI

A Magazine Editor in Warren, MI discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

The idea behind getting yourself a career change assessment is to get you noticeably clear about who you are, where you are going, and what you are up to.

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10/25/2020 , Warren, MI

legal researcher

West New York, NJ

A legal researcher in West New York, NJ discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

I recently completed my career change assessment while I was job hunting. It was my first attempt after five years in my previous company. I wanted a career change, but I didn't want to jump into the next job blindly, which led me to evaluate my skills and passion for finding the best job.

The career self-assessment is a way to find out who I really was. I tested five different aspects: Skills, Personality, Values, Interests, and Achievements.

I'm happy to say I know where I should head next after clarifying a new direction that I should explore. Try out the questions of the career change assessment and set a path to your next dream career.

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10/12/2020 , West New York, NJ

Commissions Analyst

Amarillo, TX

A Commissions Analyst in Amarillo, TX discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of career change assessments online. Allow me to suggest my top three self-assessment for a career, which are all free.

1. Myers-Briggs

2. Enneagram of Personality

3. 16 personalities

I've personally tried all of them, and I would recommend you try all of them. The better you understand your motivations throughout your career, the better you can spot that job that meets your needs.

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10/3/2020 , Amarillo, TX

IT Associate

Coeur D Alene, ID

An IT Associate in Coeur D Alene, ID discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

The thought of working in the same career forever is scary. The thought of not enjoying your job for years to come is even scarier. Doing a simple career change assessment that will help you towards your goal of securing the right job.

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9/29/2020 , Coeur D Alene, ID

Death Investigator

Louisville, KY

A Death Investigator in Louisville, KY discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

Back then, I didn't know what I wanted to pursue after college. I was thinking of working as a Public Relations officer since my major was PR & Marketing. But I decided to do a career self-assessment test just to be sure.

After my test, it suggested that I pursue a digital marketer position with a specialization in social media marketing. Fast forward today, I am now managing social media marketing campaigns of several top companies in my country.

So, go ahead and try the job self-assessment already!

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9/20/2020 , Louisville, KY

Boat Builder

Lebanon, PA

A Boat Builder in Lebanon, PA discussed the topic of Career Change Assessment about one year ago.

Some of you might think that your next career boils down to your individual choice at the end of the day. It's true, but with a test, you get to have feedback to point you in the right direction. No harm done, right?

Doing a career change assessment gives me insights, clarity, and a much-needed starting point. I've personally gone through some of the famous tests. Little did I know, they are a blessing in disguise.

Because I can say that through a career change assessment, I've found a job that I really enjoy. Here's wishing the same to you!

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9/10/2020 , Lebanon, PA