Why Should Apply the Model of Johari Window in Your Work?

Discussion Topic of Johari Window

Johari Window is a way to improve self-awareness. It also helps in realizing your relationship with yourself and others. Let us look at what people have to say.

Laser Operator

Dundalk, MD

A Laser Operator in Dundalk, MD discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

I struggled to understand who I truly am and what I was capable of until I got introduced to Johari Window. So, what is the Johari Window model?

In short, Johari Window is a psychological tool used to understand the relationship between myself and others. Ever since I got to know myself in detail, I saw myself making significant improvements in my work-life.

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11/18/2020 , Dundalk, MD

Deputy City Clerk

Indianapolis, IN

A Deputy City Clerk in Indianapolis, IN discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

I believe the journey to having distinguished career choices begins with knowing myself well. By doing some simple self-assessments, it helps me to understand my interpersonal relationship with myself and others.

Experts call it the Johari Window. I remember reading about it as a psychological tool named after two guys, Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham, in 1955. Basically, the Johari Window model is made for self-awareness, personal development, and understanding relationship.

The Johari Window has 4 quadrants:

1. Open space: Known to you and known to others

2. Blindspot: Unknown to yourself but known to others

3. Hidden area: Known to yourself but unknown to others

4. Unknown area: Unknown to yourself and unknown to others

Johari's Window is structured to bring people close together, especially in a team. Which is why it is one of the most adequate tools in personal and organizational development.

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11/14/2020 , Indianapolis, IN


Westfield, MA

A Goldsmith in Westfield, MA discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

Johari Window is not only useful for self-awareness. Still, it can also be used for interviews and performance reviews in an organization.

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11/6/2020 , Westfield, MA

Student Support Specialist

San Diego, CA

A Student Support Specialist in San Diego, CA discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

Having the Johari Window model will open all communications. The four panes of the Johari Model represent four areas of personalities.

(i) Open

The open area personality is accessible to you and others. Any public information about you also fits this description. Your name, address, or pictures are all part of this quadrant in the Johari Model.

(ii) Blindspot

Others can see this area but not known by yourself. For instance, can you know what your necks look like at the back? No, you cannot do it without setting up a mirror. That is what you need to see your personality's blind spots, and you do so by seeking feedback from others.

(iii) Hidden

You keep the hidden panel known to yourselves. But it is unknown to others. The traumatic experience or deepest fears lies in this area. If it is work or performance-related, position it at the Open area of the Johari Window.

(iv) Unknown

This quadrant is a mysterious place that holds the rarest jewels. If you do not dig into this area, you will not be able to get those jewels. This area includes hidden talents, abilities, and added information about yourself.

I hope this explanation of Johari Window can make you understand it better!

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10/30/2020 , San Diego, CA

Cable Contractors

East Providence, RI

A Cable Contractors in East Providence, RI discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

Using the Johari Window model is to expand the surface area of the "Open" quadrant. This is to understand who you are through self-discovery and insights from others.

As you look for a job, you are getting tested on the same thing. There are requests to explain who you are, your history, strengths, and weaknesses. Getting to where you want is a function of how good you are at navigating those questions. Johari Window will make sure to build understanding and trust for yourself and the people who will work with you.

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10/23/2020 , East Providence, RI

Publicity Coordinator

Portsmouth, VA

A Publicity Coordinator in Portsmouth, VA discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

Many years ago, I got to know about Johari Window by chance after being laid off from my job.

It taught me to jumpstart my job hunt by first finding what I know about myself. Then I moved on to seek what other people know about me. I took down their opinions of me and turned my weaknesses into strengths with the Johari Window.

Best of all, I started having a full grasp of my blind spots and focus on the open area. Go try out the Johari Window model if you have not already done so!

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10/12/2020 , Portsmouth, VA

Brand Ambassador

Concord, NC

A Brand Ambassador in Concord, NC discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

Speaking from the perspective of an HR, Johari Window enables me to provide a higher level of clarity in my job. I can inform employees on areas they may be interested in but may not be aware of.

Though the Johari Model embraces communication on both my side and employees by both sharing and listening. Hearing the needs of employees will allow them to have better growth opportunities. Whereas we, as HRs, get to tap into the real talents of the employees.

This leads to a win-win situation.

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9/30/2020 , Concord, NC

Assistant Estimator

Broomfield, CO

An Assistant Estimator in Broomfield, CO discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

A career switch involves many steps. And the first step lies in awareness. Still a relevant tool despite many years after development, Johari Window can offer insights into how I am presenting, how others see me, and the gaps between the two.

I put the Johari Window into practice to maximize my potential for success by closing the gaps of perception and presenting my full, professional self in the workforce.

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9/26/2020 , Broomfield, CO

Exterior Designer

Harrisburg, PA

An Exterior Designer in Harrisburg, PA discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

To keep things short, Johari Window helps in improving:

1. Self-awareness

2. Personal development

3. Group dynamics

4. Teamwork

5. Better communication structure

6. Intergroup relationships

It is a great model to be used to apply in various situations at work.

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9/24/2020 , Harrisburg, PA

Mail Sorter

Prattville, AL

A Mail Sorter in Prattville, AL discussed the topic of Johari Window about one year ago.

Besides using Johari Window to understand myself in-depth, it also helps strengthen the engagement between my colleagues and I.

Regular feedback diminishes misunderstandings and weaknesses. In fact, Johari Window can help in identifying each other's strengths and potential.

The optimal result of the Johari model? A better work atmosphere and the personal development of everyone at work.

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9/15/2020 , Prattville, AL