How Much Does an Air Quality Analyst Make in Illinois?

Updated August 27, 2023

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Normal Confidence
Average Base Pay
Low $48,576
Average $63,759
High $66,712
The average salary for Air Quality Analyst is $63,759 per year in Illinois.

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Similar Job Salaries to Air Quality Analyst by Company

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Company average base salary in (usd) range
iLink Resources, Inc.
Air Quality Project Manager (MH)
RANGE: $83,831 - $110,367
Air Quality Analyst
RANGE: $96,449 - $124,449

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities For Air Quality Analyst Jobs in Illinois

It is important to understand how location impacts your career prospects in the United States. There are some cities where an Air Quality Analyst can find a job easily with a greater salary paid then achieve a higher standard of living. Below is the top cities list for Air Quality Analyst job salaries in Illinois. Some cities can pay higher salaries for Air Quality Analyst jobs, which can indicate that there is a large demand for Air Quality Analyst positions in this city.
The following table shows top 10 cities where the Air Quality Analyst salary is higher than other cities in Illinois. Chicago takes first place in this list, followed by Cicero, Oak Park. The Air Quality Analyst salary is $65,459 in Chicago, which is higher than the national average. There are 20 cities' Air Quality Analyst salary higher than national average in Illinois.
The average salary for an Air Quality Analyst in Illinois is $63,759, but we found that the city with the highest salary for Air Quality Analyst jobs is Chicago, IL, and it is higher than Cicero. Air Quality Analyst jobs in Chicago can have the opportunity to earn higher salaries than in other cities in Illinois.
Chicago $65,459 $5,455 $1,259 $31
Cicero $65,459 $5,455 $1,259 $31
Oak Park $65,459 $5,455 $1,259 $31
Evanston $65,435 $5,453 $1,258 $31
Skokie $65,435 $5,453 $1,258 $31
Oak Lawn $65,385 $5,449 $1,257 $31
Des Plaines $65,286 $5,440 $1,255 $31
Mount Prospect $65,236 $5,436 $1,255 $31
Aurora $65,087 $5,424 $1,252 $31
Hoffman Estates $64,788 $5,399 $1,246 $31

What Does an Air Quality Analyst Do?

To identify low pollution routes using real-time air quality data provided by Imperial College London.
Updated October 19, 2021
Collection of air quality data from CPCB’s monitoring stations, satellites, and from literature review of all the studies on air quality assessment of different air pollutants across India to know the geographical variation.
Updated December 19, 2021
We start working right away to find qualified air quality analyst candidates who can meet your needs.
Updated December 16, 2021
We have spent more than 15 years as a leader in recruiting for air quality analyst jobs and other positions in the core industries that build and maintain the earth's environment, natural resources and infrastructure.
Updated December 12, 2021
Based on the interpretation of air quality datasets collected, the comprehensive report will be compiled in consultation with TERI, CERCA, UNEP, CCAC Secretariat and stakeholders especially CPCB.
Updated November 27, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions About an Air Quality Analyst Salaries

What is the average of an Air Quality Analyst in Illinois?

The Air Quality Analyst salary range is from $48,576 to $66,712, and the average Air Quality Analyst salary is $63,759/year in Illinois. The Air Quality Analyst's salary will change in different locations.

Which location pays the highest Air Quality Analyst salary in the United States?

The Air Quality Analyst salary in San Jose, CA is $77,876 which is the highest in the US.

What kinds of reasons will influence the Air Quality Analyst's salary?

Besides the location, employees' education degree, related skills, and work experience also will influence the salary. Try to improve your skills and experience to get a higher salary for the position of Air Quality Analyst.

What is the growth rate of the Air Quality Analyst's salary?

If you are thinking of becoming an Air Quality Analyst or planning the next step in your career, find the detailed salary report of an Air Quality Analyst.