Average Salary for Jobs with Medical Specialty: Pathology Skills

The average salary for jobs that require the skills of Medical Specialty: Pathology is $204,221 based on United States National Average.

Base Salary

Core compensation

Cytogenetic Technologist
Alternate Job Titles: Genetic/Molecular Technologist

Performs microscopic analysis for cytogenetic studies on biological specimens. Analyzes chromosomes for prenatal diagnosis, congenital birth defects, fertility problems and hematological disorders. Is responsible for harvesting cells, image analysis, and results reporting. Requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Typically requires certification as a Clinical Lab... View job details

Alternate Job Titles: Lab Cytotechnologist

Examines cells of the cytoplasm and nucleus to determine pathological conditions. Separates sediment and cells from blood serum and categorizes slides and records classification. Receives and prepares specimens for analysis. Detects abnormalities and communicates to pathologist to arrive at a final diagnosis and report. Requires a bachelor's degree. Requires graduation from an approved school of c... View job details

Histology Technologist
Alternate Job Titles: Histologist | Histotechnologist

Performs complex histological procedures used to prepare specimens of tissue for examination and analysis by a Pathologist. Performs grossing, processing, embedding, microtomy, and both routine and multiple staining of samples. Performs quality control on completed slides. Identifies problems that may affect diagnosis and results. Records observations from tests. Documents maintenance of instrumen... View job details

Medical Technologist (ASCP)
Alternate Job Titles: Certified Medical Lab Technologist -ASCP

Performs diagnostic testing on patient samples to aid physicians in the diagnosis and/or monitoring of various disease states. Follows standardized procedures and helps prepare samples for testing. Analyzes test results for accuracy, acceptability, and critical limits. Requires a bachelor's degree and must be a certified medical technologist. Typically reports to a manager or supervisor. Years of ... View job details

Medical Technologist - Hematology
Alternate Job Titles: Hematology Clinical Lab Technologist

Performs a variety of blood tests, studies morphology of blood constituents and performs various coagulation tests to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Conducts technical procedures related to the counting and identification of blood cells and other specialized hematologic tests. Verifies accuracy of findings, identifies test inconsistencies, and takes appropriate action to make corre... View job details

Medical Technologist - Microbiology
Alternate Job Titles: Microbiology Clinical Lab Technologist

Performs a variety of microbiological procedures in order to cultivate, isolate and identify microorganisms in skin scrapings, exudates, body fluids and surgical specimens. Conducts routine and specialized microbiological procedures, including virological, mycological, bacteriological, and parasitological assays for use in diagnosing and treating disease. Verifies accuracy of findings, identifies ... View job details

Pathology Assistant
Alternate Job Titles: Assistant Pathologist

Under the supervision of a pathologist assists with preparing and dissecting surgical specimens. Prepares and selects tissue samples for analysis. May record findings or sterilize equipment. Requires a bachelor's/master's degree from an accredited program. May require certification as a pathologist assistant. Typically reports to a pathologist. Typically requires 2 to 4 years of related experience... View job details

Physician - Pathology
Alternate Job Titles: Pathologist | Physician/Doctor, Pathologist

Examines diseases using fluids, body tissue, secretions, etc. to ascertain cause, nature, and extent of disease and to determine effectiveness of treatment. May perform autopsy to ascertain exact cause of death, and source or extent of disease and effects of treatment. Requires an advanced degree. Requires State License to Practice Medicine. Typically reports to a medical director. Years of experi... View job details