Average Salary for Jobs with Operational Policy Development Skills

The average salary for jobs that require the skills of Operational Policy Development is $340,214 based on United States National Average.

Base Salary

Core compensation

Chief Admissions Officer
Alternate Job Titles: College Admissions Officer | Dean of Admissions | Head Admissions Officer - Higher Ed. | University Admissions Officer

Manages overall college admission program. Develops and executes strategic recruitment and communication plan to ensure college's enrollment goals. May take part in graduate school admissions and the scholarship administrations. May require a master's degree. Typically reports to a senior institutional officer. Manages a departmental sub-function within a broader departmental function. Creates fun... View job details

Chief Enrollment Management Officer
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Enrollment Management Officer - Higher Ed.

Directs and leads a institution's enrollment management program. Develops and implements strategies to recruit, enroll and retain students. Collaborates with other departments considering programs related to admissions, financial aid, registration, and advising. Requires a bachelor's degree. Typically reports to a institutional officer. Manages a departmental function within a broader corporate fu... View job details

Chief Information Technology Officer
Alternate Job Titles: Chief IT Officer | CITO | Top Information Technology Executive | Top IT Officer | Vice President of Information Technology

Establishes and directs the strategic long-term goals, policies and procedures for an information technology department. Determines an organization's long-term systems needs and any hardware acquisitions needed to accomplish the organization's business objectives. Gives technical guidance on high priority projects and orients the company to trends in the information technology industry. Requires a... View job details

Chief Medical Officer
Alternate Job Titles: Top Medical Executive

Directs the staff and develops policies for the organization's clinical programs. Works closely with hospital staff, department directors, and physicians to ensure that the highest standards of quality and service are maintained. Oversees the implementation of quality improvement efforts designed to improve clinical performance and maintain compliance with HIPAA and other regulations and standards... View job details

Chief Nurse Anesthetist
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) | Head CRNA Nurse Anesthetist

Manages and schedules Nurse Anesthetists who plan, arrange and secure necessary anesthesia equipment. Aids Anesthesiologist in organizing courses of instruction for students, and partakes in resulting programs and demonstrations. Prepares reports and compiles data dealing with specific anesthesia, drugs and techniques, and patients' reactions to them. Requires a master's degree. Requires Certified... View job details

Chief of Surgery
Alternate Job Titles: Chairman Department of Surgery | Physician- Chief of Surgery

Directs the staff and programs of the surgical department. Works closely with hospital staff, department directors, and physicians to ensure that the highest standards of quality and service are maintained. Requires a MD degree from an accredited school. Requires a valid state license to practice. Require extensive clinical experience. Typically reports to top management. Manages a departmental fu... View job details

Chief Operating Officer
Alternate Job Titles: COO

Leads the planning and development of an organization's operational objectives and initiatives. Develops strategies and oversees the execution of plans to attain short- and long-term financial and mission-critical operational goals. Directs the development of the organization's functional capacity that will produce sustainable growth and minimize risk. Develops operating budgets. Establishes effec... View job details

Chief Patient Experience Officer
Alternate Job Titles: Vice President of Patient Experience

Leads the development and implementation of a patient experience strategy that supports the organization's mission, values, and goals. Creates initiatives and projects to nurture and support a patient-centric culture across clinical, support, and administrative functions. Establishes processes for collecting, measuring, and analyzing patient, family, and staff sentiment data and feedback to identi... View job details

Chief Technology Officer
Alternate Job Titles: CTO | Top Technology Executive | Vice President of Technology

Responsible for the long-range direction of an organization's technology function. Directs the strategic design, acquisition, management, and implementation of an enterprise-wide technology infrastructure. Monitors and analyzes technology and trends that could improve the company's products and performance. Establishes technology standards and communicates technical information to the organization... View job details

Child Care Center Director
Alternate Job Titles: Day Care Center Director | Hospital Child Care Center Director | Hospital Children's Day Care Director

Directs the daily operations of a child care center in accordance with state licensing requirements and regulations. Administers recruiting and staffing processes. Provides training and professional development for staff. Oversees enrollment activities, communications, and events that foster positive relations with families and the community. Ensures that the activities and surroundings meet the n... View job details