Average Salary for Jobs with Resource Planning Skills

The average salary for jobs that require the skills of Resource Planning is $541,233 based on United States National Average.

Base Salary

Core compensation

Reliability Engineering Sr Manager
Alternate Job Titles: Product Reliability Engineering Manager

Provides senior leadership and expertise in reliability engineering activities that analyze and evaluate the reliability of products, equipment, components, and processes using engineering methodologies and tools. Aligns people, resources, and methods with the critical objectives for reliability in product design standards and operational goals. Develops capacity for analysis, testing, and measure... View job details

Reliability Engineering Supervisor
Alternate Job Titles: Product Reliability Engineering Supervisor

Provides day-to-day supervision and expertise in reliability engineering activities that analyze and evaluate the reliability of products, equipment, components, and processes using engineering methodologies and tools. Aligns people, resources, and methods with the goals for reliability product design standards and implementation of operational plans. Ensures projects stay on track with oversight ... View job details

Senior Vice President of Sales
Alternate Job Titles: SVP of Sales

Provides leadership to the sales organization and develops the overall sales strategy, operational plans and processes that drive revenue growth and accomplish financial objectives. Establishes and implements processes, tools, and structures to support the sales organization's operations. Oversees goal-setting processes for all levels of the sales organization and uses data and technology to measu... View job details

Substance Abuse Center Director (Hosp. Op.)
Alternate Job Titles: Director of Substance Abuse Clinical Center | Hospital Addiction Care Center Director

Directs the clinical, managerial, and administrative aspects of substance abuse programs. Measures and evaluates the effectiveness and quality of drug/alcohol rehabilitation treatment procedures to achieve standards and objectives. Partners with community agencies and programs to ensure continuity in the type and level of patient care. Ensures compliance with all federal, state, and local standard... View job details

Top Accounting Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Accounting Officer | Head of Accounting | Principal Accounting Officer | Vice President of Accounting

Provides technical leadership and direction for all accounting functions and operations. Develops and implements accounting policies and procedures that adhere to governmental financial and tax regulations and comply with GAAP and IFRS standards. Operationalizes accounting systems and processes to deliver continuous improvements. Ensures accurate and timely monthly, quarterly, and annual accountin... View job details

Top Administrative Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Administrative Executive | Chief Administrative Officer | Vice President of Administration

Leads operations and plans all aspects of an organization's staff and service functions. Establishes the infrastructure and capacity to provide internal services to the organization. Oversees multiple functions that typically include administrative/office, financial operations, facility maintenance/space planning, security, hospitality services, equipment and supply procurement, vendor management,... View job details

Top Behavioral Health Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Behavioral Health Officer | Vice President of Behavioral Health

Plans and directs all aspects of a healthcare organization's behavioral health function. Creates standards and guidelines for behavioral care services and programs. Oversees the study and treatment of patients with emotional, mental, or psychological disorders. May be responsible for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Requires an advanced degree. Typically reports to top management. Manages ... View job details

Top Data Scientist
Alternate Job Titles: Chief Data Scientist | Head of Data Science

Develops and executes the data science vision, strategy, and capacity to support organizational long-term, short-term, and mission-critical goals. Provides the organization with data insights, analytics, and tools to achieve business goals, foster innovation, and promote data-driven decision-making. Engages stakeholders and champions the design and development of data science initiatives. Research... View job details

Top Division Engineering Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Division VP of Engineering | Divisional Vice President of Engineering

Establishes the overall objectives and strategy for a division's engineering activities, including facilities planning, manufacturing process design, the application of new technologies, and maintenance. Innovates ideas for new products or product enhancements and oversees engineering involvement in the creation of new products and improvement of existing products. Provides engineering expertise t... View job details

Top Division Manufacturing Executive
Alternate Job Titles: Division Executive of Manufacturing Operations | Divisional VP of Manufacturing

Leads the overall manufacturing strategy, planning, and operations for a division of an organization. Develops and incorporates solid operational safety, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, and cost control policies and programs into all manufacturing processes. Adopts process designs, technologies, and methods that maximize operational efficiency. Directs and participates in workforce or la... View job details