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Skill Number Of Jobs Avg. Salary
Skill Abstract Treatment Information Number Of Jobs 5 Avg. Salary $57,570

Skill Adaptive Equipment Training Number Of Jobs 3 Avg. Salary $71,066

Skill Administer Medication Number Of Jobs 20 Avg. Salary $84,149

Skill Administer Therapeutic Treatments Number Of Jobs 26 Avg. Salary $95,640

Skill Air Traffic Management Number Of Jobs 6 Avg. Salary $128,437

Air traffic management is an aviation term encompassing all systems that assist aircraft to depart from an aerodrome, transit airspace, and land at a destination aerodrome, including Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airspace Management (ASM), and Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM). The increasing emphasis of modern ATM is on interoperable and harmonised systems that allow an aircraft to operate with the minimum of performance change from one airspace to another. ATC systems have traditionally been developed by individual States that concentrated on their own requirements, creating dif... More

Skill Analyze Lab Results Number Of Jobs 13 Avg. Salary $91,062

Skill Appointment Scheduling Number Of Jobs 6 Avg. Salary $84,373

Skill Aseptic Technique Number Of Jobs 12 Avg. Salary $65,812

Skill Assist Laser Procedures Number Of Jobs 1 Avg. Salary $47,099

Skill Athletic Training Number Of Jobs 11 Avg. Salary $96,298

Athletic training has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) as an allied health care profession since June 1991. More

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