Improving DE&I For Small & Medium Businesses

Improving DE&I For Small & Medium Businesses

As we explore how to make meaningful differences in DE&I, we recognize that smaller organizations often face bigger obstacles of fewer people and resources. This guide, and the ones to follow, recognize the unique position of SMB’s. Everything is more personal and changes have a larger proportional impact on everyone.

That’s why we start with the concept of understanding, communication and changing hearts and minds rather than demographic surveys and recruiting tips. Although, those are coming.

In this eBook, we wanted to set the stage for curiosity, compassion, and understanding that we walk through the world differently depending on our gender, race, religion, upbringing, and many other factors. There are many right ways to do things and we’re interested in exploring some new approaches that take everyone into consideration. We’re interested in helping create a productive and equitable workplace that really works.

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