Get Pay Right™ - EP 4:

Pay Equity and Culture

Welcome to the Get Pay Right Podcast! In this episode, host Kevin Plunkett welcomes Trish McFarlane of H3HR and Garry Straker of to explore the role pay equity plays in defining an organization’s culture. The trio also discuss how a strategic approach to compensation, backed by data and analysis, can help create much-needed alignment between pay equity and culture.

April 8, 2022

  • [03:20 -05:55] Introduction
    • Welcome Trish McFarlane and Garry Straker to the Get Pay Right podcast
    • Today’s Topic: Pay Equity and Culture


    [07:00 -30:57] Reduces Churn

    • Employees are turning a critical eye to their jobs, examining how they measure up to their work and life goals, and to a fair pay standard, like at no other period in recent history
    • A small increase in turnover can cost a company millions of dollars in hiring and training resources


    [31:21 -34:44] Strategic Advantages in the War for Talent

    • HR pros know how important pay equity is: 96% said it’s a competitive advantage in the war for talent
    • For many companies, the strategy of higher salaries for new hires is not sustainable long-term


    [13:42 -34:56] Build Employee Trust and Loyalty

    • Pay equity and transparency are one way, among many, to strengthen your value proposition for current and prospective employees
    • Leadership support is paramount to success, yet a third of HR pros said getting leadership to support pay transparency was their biggest obstacle to pay equity


    [35:25 -39:05] Final Thoughts and Closing

    • Stay current with what’s going on in the industry, what’s going on with pay equity, and then come back with a report for your organization
    • Thanks for listening!

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