People Challenges Facing Organizations in 2021

People Challenges Facing Organizations in 2021

Are we in the middle of The Great Resignation? When crises hit workers tend to stay in their jobs. A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has tracked job openings, leaves, and turnover (JOLT) for the past 30 years. When the pandemic hit we saw a historical drop in employees leaving. Now, as the country opens we’re seeing a historically large spike in workers leaving jobs to move to other companies and careers. Dave Weisbeck shares his views on what is happening and why companies should pay attention.

Throughout Dave’s twenty years of experience in the information management and analytics industry, he’s built development teams and grown multi-billion dollar companies. Now a chairman of the Advisory Board, he’s looking to help organizations break new ground in business intelligence and people analytics.

August 12, 2021

[0:00 – 4:46] Introduction

  • Welcome, Dave!
  • Today’s Topic: The People Challenges that Organizations Face in 2021

[4:47 – 11:48] “The Great Resignation”

  • Why Do People Leave their Jobs En Masse?
  • How Businesses Can Improve Employee Retention

[11:49 – 24:28] Hybrid Work & Burnout

  • Tracking Time Spent vs Productivity
  • Pros and Cons of Working Remotely vs In-Office

[24:29 – 33:32] Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • What Gets Measured Gets Managed
  • Diversity Leads to Inclusion

[33:33 – 38:39] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Episode Summary
  • Dave Shares his Closing Thoughts

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