It’s Not Just a Job: Using Assessments to Build the Organization

It’s Not Just a Job: Using Assessments to Build the Organization

Caitlin MacGregor is the CEO and Co-founder of Plum, a robust talent assessment platform that is revolutionizing how organizations manage talent. Caitlin is passionate about helping people realize their full potential and about helping companies see beyond resumes to understand what their employees are truly capable of achieving. In this episode, Caitlin talks about psychometric data, what it is, and how it can be a game-changer for companies looking to add innovative talent to their teams.

September 2, 2021

[0:00 – 3:08] Introduction

•   Welcome, Caitlin!

•   Today’s Topic: Revolutionizing How Global Enterprises Acquire and Manage Talent with Psychometric Data


[3:12 – 9:04] How Using Psychometric Data in Talent Management is Revolutionary

•   What does it mean to use psychometric data?

•   Why psychometric data drives leaders toward more objective and equitable talent decisions.


[9:04 – 21:36] Looking Beyond Resumes and Past Experiences When Hiring

•   What does a resume really say about someone?

•   How looking beyond resumes and past experiences can lead to innovative talent acquisition.


[21:36 – 29:33] How Psychometric Data Helps People Grow and Develop

•   What you can learn about yourself from your own psychometric data.

•   Why objective data is game-changing for organizations.


[29:34 – 32:20] Final Thoughts & Closing

•   Episode summary

•   Caitlin shares her closing thoughts

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