Bringing People Alive Through Machine Learning

Bringing People Alive Through Machine Learning

Ryan Allen is a Senior Principal Data Scientist in the Office of the Chief Data Scientist at UnitedHealth Group. His day-to-day consists of making transformational technologies, creating AI systems that revolutionize healthcare operations, and, of course, evangelizing machine learning. He’s part of a team that’s setting the vision for artificial intelligence in healthcare. In this episode, Ryan talks about how machine learning is helping bring people alive!

September 23, 2021

[0:00 – 4:38] Introduction

  • Welcome, Ryan Allen!
  • Today’s Topic: Bringing people alive with machine learning

[4:39 – 10:33] Cool People-Related Trends in Machine Learning

  • Having uninterrupted conversations with clients while machine learning algorithms pull up their information
  • Eliminating the need to check your calendar to schedule tasks thanks to machine learning

[10:34 – 21:05] Losing the People Element in the Numbers

  • How to not lose the humanity in the data
  • Realizing that there might be an inherent bias in the data you’re using

[21:06 – 26:06] Bring People Alive in Machine Learning

  • Explainable AI and how it can give employees a newfound voice
  • Adding important context to otherwise uninformative data

[26;07 – 28:17] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Episode summary
  • Ryan shares his closing thoughts

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