Big Value Not Big Data!

Big Value Not Big Data!

Sometimes in analytics we can get so absorbed in the numbers that we forget about the value they should be upholding. John Tardy is a leader and an expert in business analytics. John sets himself apart by focusing on delivering BIG value through technology, data analytics, and business intelligence, as well as building trust and confidence among stakeholders and guiding cross-functional teams and leaders to business insights and clarity amidst ambiguity and complexity.

I can’t wait to dive into this conversation and learn the concept of big value, not big data from John.

June 10, 2021

[00:01 – 03:15] Opening Segment

  • I welcome and learn more about John Tardy
  • Today’s topic – big value, not big data


[03:16 – 09:44] What is Big Data

  • Examples of ‘Big Data’ and attempting to define it
  • The importance of finding value in the data


[09:45 – 15:33] Big Value, Not Big Data 

  • John talks about the misconceptions of going towards the ‘hype’ of data
  • How to measure value based on a goal
  • The importance of education and focusing on business orientated value


[15:34 – 28:40] Creating Value through Data in HR

  • It all starts with the business questions; all about mindset 
  • Examples through turnover, diversity, and absenteeism


[28:41 – 37:55] Closing Segment

  • Summary of our conversation and final points
  • Final Words

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