Adriana DiNenno – It’s OK Not To Be OK: Employee Wellbeing And Mental Health

Adriana DiNenno – It’s OK Not To Be OK: Employee Wellbeing And Mental Health

Adriana DiNenno is product manager for Infor People Solutions and has been with the company for 12.5 years. She loves working on a variety of applications like Talent Acquisition systems, Core HR, and Occupational Health to name a few. Her “side job” at Infor is co-chair of the Infor People Wellbeing employee resource group, whose goal is to create a safe work environment by focusing on all dimensions of employee wellbeing. She says, “With a brother who suffered from mental health issues, it meant a lot to me to be one of the co-founders of this group at Infor, so that I can help others in need.” In this episode, Adriana talks about employee wellbeing, why it’s OK to not be OK, and what you can do to enhance your employee experience.

February 24, 2022

[0:00 – 4:01] Introduction

  • Welcome, Adriana DiNenno!
  • Today’s Topic: It’s OK Not to Be OK: Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health


[4:02 – 10:06] Why There Has Been an Increased Demand for Employee Wellbeing

  • The rise and de-stigmatization of business resource groups (BRGs)
  • Technology facilitates communications and community in the modern world


[10:07 – 15:14] Employees Want to Be a Part of a Community

  • Having a reason to belong makes employees less inclined to leave
  • Allowing employees to be themselves and de-stress can lead to them being more productive


[15:15 – 30:09] Wellbeing Coming to Life via Software

  • Leveraging software to enhance the employee experience
  • Time off and how it affects mental health
  • How software can help us navigate the complexities of occupational health and employee safety


[30:10 – 33:06] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Join your organization’s BRG, if possible
  • Thank you, Adriana!

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