Larry Dunivan – Solving HR Technology for the Mid-Market

Larry Dunivan – Solving HR Technology for the Mid-Market

Larry Dunivan is a seasoned software industry executive with a 30+ year career. His experience spans a variety of projects and responsibilities with the greatest emphasis being on executive leadership, sales management, and product management and development. His unique insight into the software industry and its leadership, along with attention to talent development and interpersonal interactions, set him apart from his peers.

March 17, 2022

[0:00 - 3:50] Introduction

  • Welcome, Larry Dunivan!
  • Today’s Topic: Solving HR Technology For the Mid-market

[3:51 - 12:35] How Mid-sized Companies’ Issues Differ From Enterprise And Small Business Issues

  • Facing pressures from enterprises as well as small businesses
  • Growing pains of mid-sized businesses

[12:36 - 17:50] The Challenges HR Technology Faces In Mid-sized Companies

  • The importance of developing great relationships with HR technology vendors
  • What mid-sized companies should look for when outsourcing their HR technology

[17:51 - 26:06] Lessons And Examples for Mid-sized Companies On Their HR Technology Journey

  • Why get a handle on recruiting and onboarding is critical
  • How analytics could help mid-sized companies focus on important issues

[26:07 - 27:36] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Mid-market requirements and responsibilities are unique yet important
  • Thanks for listening!

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