Tim Freestone – Finding Data Analytics Talent

Tim Freestone – Finding Data Analytics Talent

Tim Freestone started out initially as a financial analyst in a large smash repairs, believe it or not, but has since spent his career in analytics. He left the world of forecasting balance sheets & income statements to progress into commercial analytics and then eventually into data analytics, where he lead an analytics team in a travel tech company. Through his career Tim has gotten great firsthand experience in being both a candidate and a hiring manager in analytics. It’s this direct exposure to the myriad of issues in analytics hiring that led Tim to found Alooba, a skills assessment platform for data literacy, analytics, and data science.

Alooba’s vision is to create a world where everyone can get the job they deserve. This is a world (we can all agree) far from the one we live in right now.

In this episode, Tim talks about the broken aspects of hiring analytics and how we can fix them.

May 26, 2022

[0:00 - 4:13] Introduction

  • Welcome, Tim!
  • Today’s Topic: Fixing the broken aspects of hiring analytics


[4:22 - 11:15] Resumes and CV’s

  • Why hasn’t the resume changed in over 500 years?
  • Removing all the noise in a CV and collecting better data on candidates


[11:27 - 17:52] Interviews

  • The benefits of giving interview structure
  • How to develop good questions for interviews


[18:01 - 26:34] Sourcing

  • Look at role requirements; each requirement filters the candidate pool down further
  • Sometimes sourcing does not need to be external


[26:43 - 29:52] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • It’s all about selecting the best data at each step
  • Thanks for listening!
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