HR Tech 2021 Series – HR Technology: Past, Present, And Future with Gary Bragar

HR Technology: Past, Present, And Future

Gary Bragar is the HR Outsourcing Research Director at NelsonHall, a leading BPO research and analysis firm, where he has global responsibility for HRO. In this key role, Gary helps both buyers and vendors assess the opportunities capabilities of HR outsourcing, including: recruitment, learning, payroll, benefits, mid-market HRO, and multi-process HRO. Gary is a member of the No. America Board of Advisors for the HRO Today Services and Technology Association, as well as a member of the Talent Acquisition Advisory Board.

In this episode, Gary talks HR technologies of the past and present. He also discusses how to navigate the busy HR technology landscape of today.

January 20, 2022

[0:00 – 4:12] Introduction

  • Welcome, Gary!
  • Today’s Topic: HR Technology of the Past, Present, and Future

[4:13 – 12:05] What HR Technology Trends Have You Seen in the Past?

  • Comparing past recruiting technology to present-day, automated systems
  • The focus on employee engagement

[12:06 – 17:17] Navigating Today’s Myriad HR Tech Options

  • Communication tools being used as employee engagement tools?
  • What to do about an overwhelming amount of HR technology options?

[17:18 – 18:37] Final Thoughts & Closing

  • Final thoughts on the HR Tech conference
  • Thanks for listening!

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