Transform Your Talent Management with Skills & Competency Alignment

Transform Your Talent Management with Skills & Competency Alignment

How adopting a Skills & Competency Model will help fill the skills gap, get pay right, reduce turnover, and improve employee retention

Regardless of the company’s size, human resources teams face ongoing challenges: filling the skills gap, getting pay right, reducing turnover, and improving employee retention. Adopting a skills and competency model is an effective strategy to combat these challenges and provide a common language to support talent management programs. In this whitepaper, you will learn why this approach is successful and how to avoid common pitfalls that can derail the implementation of a skills and competency model in your organization.

We will share real-world scenarios that demonstrate how to use skills and competencies for recruiting, performance management, training and development, compensation, and workforce planning.

Additionally, you’ll see how the practical research-based approach used by Salary.com will help you build, evolve, and manage successful skills and competency frameworks

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