“Sunday Scaries” Don’t Have to Negatively Impact Your Organization

“Sunday Scaries” Don’t Have to Negatively Impact Your Organization Hero

Be proactive in the battle against the “Sunday scaries” by thinking differently about your pay-for-performance policy

New research from Salary.com shows that while pay-for-performance strategies are becoming the norm, employers aren’t taking the necessary steps to ensure these programs have an effect on employee engagement. It’s time to rethink how your organization approaches paying for performance to ensure you’re doing everything you can to cure your organization’s case of the “Sunday scaries.”

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  • 4 steps you can take today to ensure the success of your pay for performance plan
  • Why annual merit increases alone are no longer enough to keep employees engaged
  • How to use different forms of variable pay to engage and retain top talent
  • How to increase engagement and performance without going over budget

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