Benchmark Job Reports

SHRM Member Benefit:
Free Benchmark Job Report

Need real-time, HR-reported compensation data to make quick and accurate compensation decisions with confidence? SHRM members can now market price a job with a FREE Benchmark Job Report.

Our simple market pricing process helps you match and price your company jobs quickly and accurately.

  • Search from 15,000 benchmark job titles
  • Choose from 225 industries
  • Select from 187 major metropolitan cities and zips
  • Narrow by company size (revenue or FTE)

Save 10% on Additional Benchmark Job Reports

SHRM Members save 10% on additional single job reports, so each report is $220 and includes the option to add additional scopes for just $49 each.

(Nonmembers can also buy individual reports for $245 each.)

Get Employer-Reported Compensation Data You Can Trust:

Stay competitive by leveraging one of the most trusted sources of HR-reported pay data in the market, combined with proprietary machine learning powered insights, resulting in prices of every job in every pay market - even those not found in traditional surveys.

Make Sure Your Pricing Stays Competitive: HR-reported pay data is continuously updated to ensure you're always pricing against the most accurate data in every market. No more waiting for data be upgraded annually!