The Job Hunter's Guide to Social Media

Advertising Yourself on Google+

Google+ just came out this summer, but has already rocketed past 10 million users.It is a combination of Facebook and Twitter, with the main difference being privacy.

Using “Circles,” you can divide all of your followers into groups. So if you want to post something to your friends you simply send out your status update to that particular circle. No one else---including your co-workers, bosses and/or family members---will be able to see what you've posted. But even though that's a good way to make sure you don't have any notorious Facebook slip-ups regarding the posting of personal information, sometimes you do want to be seen.

By making your Google+ posts public or directing it to the appropriate circle, you can share content that would be interesting to members of your professional community. Look for conversations discussing your profession. Google's real time search also indexes Google+ conversations too. You can use that search to find conversations to join, and the more exposure you get the more you're advertising yourself.