The Lowdown on Low-Cut: Salary's Dress Code Survey

Find Out the Revealing Results of Our Office Dress Code Survey

I'm Telling HR on You!

If you've ever worked in an office setting, chances are you've dealt with at least one colleague who seems to have zero sense of decorum when it comes to appropriate dress. To that end, hundreds of people told us about employees wearing shirts sporting drugs, drinking and violence, skimpy mini-skirts, pajamas, revealing low-cut blouses and even some unorthodox body piercings.

Yet despite all the angst towards their dressed-down cohorts, only 14 percent of survey-takers have ever registered a formal complaint with human resources. Just more than 22 percent of people said they've really wanted to tattle, but haven't because of office favoritism (the one dressing inappropriately is the boss' pet, or IS the boss) and fear of creating a hostile work environment.

"I didn't complain because I didn't want to be 'That Person' and be viewed as nitpicking on this specific individual. And nobody listens anyways," said one respondent.