The One Investment All Parents Should Make for College Graduates

A Primer on Salary Negotiation is an Often Overlooked Necessity

Choose Your Investments Wisely

When a couple decides to have children, the sacrifices start early. Perhaps they look around their cramped city apartment and think about the spontaneous days when they’d hop on the back of a motorcycle and speed off to wine country for the weekend.

Suddenly, the conversation turns to selling off the Honda CB77 Super Hawk for a Honda Odyssey EX-L with third row seating, and researching suburban towns where you get the most room for your money.

A smart couple putting a premium on education continually weighs the cost of an investment versus the potential payoff down the line.

For example, some people choose to purchase an expensive house in a very good neighborhood, knowing the (free) public school system is highly-rated. Others might find a bargain home close to family or work, but decide to pay to send their kids to a more costly private school when the time is right.

Throughout their youth, parents might invest in piano lessons or sports equipment or computer camp, with the goal of not only giving their child a happier and more well-rounded life, but maybe also with a nod that this might help their odds of getting a scholarship down the line.