The Pre-cation: Fad or Legit Employee Benefit?

Some Companies Are Offering Paid Vacations Before Employees Even Start

An Instant Reward for New Hires

The solution? Instead of asking, "How soon can you start?" some companies are now offering an unexpected stipulation for the haggard hire before their first official day on the job: a paid vacation. Pre-cations may be a win-win for both the employee and employer: the employee gets to decompress from their old situation -- and gets paid to do so. The employer gets an energized, refreshed new hire ready to hit the ground running when they return.

Slate magazine has reported that 42Floors, a search engine for commercial real estate, is now offering a pre-cation to each new hire. When employees get their offer letter, they often feel as though they've won a contest; they get to travel and/or relax for two weeks, all on their new employer's dime.