The Pre-cation: Fad or Legit Employee Benefit?

Some Companies Are Offering Paid Vacations Before Employees Even Start

Is Pre-cation Becoming a Trend?

These statistics lend further support to the idea of the pre-cation as a viable means of cultivating a culture of employee health and well-being. Companies are more aware than ever that for workers to be at their best and able to commit to employment for the long haul, physical health is paramount. The National Institutes of Health says that stress suppresses the immune system, and this can lead to illness, poor performance, and missed days from work. Managing stress levels is crucial for physical health, and adequate time off from work is one of the key components of stress relief over time.

At this time, pre-cations are offered primarily by businesses that are riding a wave of success and abundance, including Silicon Valley standouts. However, not all companies can afford to enact a pre-cation policy. While businesses like software provider Atlassian can afford to provide pre-cations in addition to personalized end-of-year packages with champagne, fancy chocolates, and grants of equity in the company, not every business is in a position to make such extravagant overtures.