The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

Find Out Which Careers Come with the Most Worry

7. Emergency dispatcher

Job title: Emergency dispatcher
Annual median salary: $34,262

The first half of this job title is a big tipoff as to why it’s on our stressful jobs list.

When people call police and fire for help, officers and firefighters respond. But those officials only get to where they’re going because of the dispatchers, who are at the front lines of many emergencies and who often mean the difference between life and death. Dispatchers not only have to collect the address from the caller and pass it on to police, they are relied upon by first responders to ensure safety.

For instance, a dispatcher may have to give life-saving information to the caller such as how to perform CPR or the Heimlich, all the while relaying information to responding personnel. And those officers need the dispatcher to find out how many people are in a building, if anyone is injured, armed, etc. before they get there. Mistakes by dispatchers can end with people getting hurt or, in extreme circumstances, killed.