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Alternate job titles: Senior Living Care Coordinator

Coordinates, supervises, and evaluates the care of residents in a skilled nursing, assisted living, or similar facility. Schedules and trains care staff, and ensures that clinical services are delivered in accordance with regulations and professional standards. Communicates with families and medical professionals as needed, and ensures care plans for residents are properly documented and updated. Requires a high school diploma. May require certification as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Typically reports to a manager or head of a unit/department. Supervises a small group of para-professi more...

Alternate job titles: Minimum Data Set (MDS) Coordinator (RN)

The MDS Coordinator/Resident Assessment (RN) analyzes data sets, identifies problem areas and works with appropriate staff members to develop and implement modified care plans. Ensures accurate and timely completion of Minimum Data Sets for patients in a long-term health care facility as mandated by law. Being a MDS Coordinator/Resident Assessment (RN) requires a bachelor's degree. Requires previous experience in a long-term health care facility. In addition, MDS Coordinator/Resident Assessment (RN) requires graduation from an approved nursing program. Requires a state license to practice. Typ more...

Alternate job titles: Activity Aide - Nursing Home | Resident Activities Aide

The Resident Activities Coordinator helps design programs to encourage socialization, provide entertainment, relaxation and fulfillment, and improve daily living skills. Assists with the planning and implementation of activities for nursing home residents. Being a Resident Activities Coordinator may require a bachelor's degree. May prepare reports on patients' progress. In addition, Resident Activities Coordinator typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Being a Resident Activities Coordinator works on projects/matters of limited complexity in a support role. Work is closely managed. Work more...

Alternate job titles: Assisted Residential Living Caregiver | Resident Assistant

There is currently no job description for Resident Services Coordinator. Be the first to submit the job responsibilities for a Resident Services Coordinator.

Alternate job titles: Residential Living Assistant | Assisted Residential Living Caregiver

The Resident Assistant assists the patients on daily basis with personal care and hygiene. Provides individualized care to the patients of a group home or residential living facility. Being a Resident Assistant administers and records medications given to residents. Transports patients within the facility or on supervised outings. In addition, Resident Assistant may administer medications under the supervision of a nurse or physician. Requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. Typically reports to a supervisor. Being a Resident Assistant possesses a moderate understanding of general asp more...

Alternate job titles: Residential Services Coordinator

Provides on-site customer service for a residential property or community. Organizes tenant move ins/outs and works with building staff to resolve tenant complaints. Coordinates maintenance, schedules deliveries, and liaisons with external vendors as necessary. Typically requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Works under moderate supervision. Gaining or has attained full proficiency in a specific area of discipline. Typically requires 1-3 years of related experience, or may need 0 years of experience with additional specialized training and/or certificati more...

Alternate job titles: Care and Utilization Review Nurse Coordinator

Coordinates utilization reviews of managed care contracts using established guidelines and processes. Ensures all clinical operations comply with Medicare and Medicaid guidelines and other managed care policies. Communicates with physicians, discharge planners and others to process referrals, authorization for services, and capture data related to utilization. Maintains managed care contracts and information databases and prepares reports. Typically requires an associate degree in nursing. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. Typically requires Registered Nurse (RN). Has gained full p more...

Alternate job titles: Home Care Aide Scheduling Coordinator

Schedules workforce needs of Home Care Aides. Tracks aide services and collects and maintains time reports. Typically requires a high school diploma. Typically reports to supervisor or manager. Working team member that may validate or coordinate the work of others on a support team. Suggests improvements to process, is a knowledge resource for other team members. Has no authority for staff actions. Generally has a minimum of 2 years experience as an individual contributor. Thorough knowledge of the team processes. more...

Alternate job titles: Ambulatory Clinic Care Administrative Coordinator

Responsible for performing a variety of customer service or clerical functions for an outpatient facility or clinic. Answers patient, family and visitor inquiries, takes accurate information for patient pre-registration, arranges for referrals if necessary and schedules appointments. Contacts insurance providers to verify coverage and benefits. May require a bachelor's degree in area of specialty. Typically reports to a manager. Typically requires 0-2 years of related experience. Works on projects/matters of limited complexity in a support role. Work is closely managed. more...

Alternate job titles: Patient Management Coordinator | Clinical Bed Management RN | RN Patient Placement Coordinator

The Patient Care Coordinator assigns patients to beds based on bed availability, care needed, and patient type. Coordinates the flow of patients through the facility. Being a Patient Care Coordinator may act as a liaison with scheduling to ensure adequate levels of staff on duty. Arranges for patient transfers or admission as needed. In addition, Patient Care Coordinator typically requires a bachelor's degree of Nursing. Typically reports to a manager or head of a unit/department. Requires Registered Nurse (RN). Patient Care Coordinator's years of experience requirement may be unspecified. Cer more...

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