Wasting Time at Work 2012

Our Survey Shows How Much Time Employees Waste at Work & How They Do It

What Websites are Employees Visiting?

We asked our 3,200 respondents what websites they visit if they do stray from work-related tasks. Most people spend time checking their personal email, visiting news sites, performing Google searches, monitoring social media and shopping online.

It probably comes as no surprise Facebook topped the list. The social media behemoth with nearly 850 million users worldwide is visited by 41 percent of our respondents. That’s followed closely by LinkedIn at 37 percent, Yahoo at 31 percent, Google+ at 28 percent and Amazon.com with 25 percent.

Twitter ranked near the bottom at a mere 8 percent. And even though Pinterest has been garnering a lot of media attention lately, only 4 percent of our respondents currently use the service.