Wasting Time at Work 2012

Our Survey Shows How Much Time Employees Waste at Work & How They Do It

Why Waste Time?

We're Salary.com, which means we tend to focus a lot on compensation. So if employees are wasting time instead of working, it stands to reason they might be doing it because they're underpaid, right? Wrong.

Of the top six reasons why employees waste time at work, being underpaid ranked dead last at 18 percent. Most employees -- 35 percent -- said they waste time at work because they're not challenged enough. That was followed closely by the 34 percent of employees who claimed they waste time because their hours are too long, 32 percent whose company gives them no incentive to work harder, and 30 percent who are unsatisfied.

Additionally, 23 percent of respondents said they waste time at work simply because they're bored.